This is a photo of Neermala Persaud.

Neermala Persaud

Immigration Support Analyst


As an Immigration Support Analyst with VisaNation, Neermala is responsible for gathering, interpreting, and utilizing data to develop tangible steps that improve internal processes and optimize results within the firm. Her daily responsibilities entail a comprehensive analysis of records, both internal and those pertaining to interactions with the USCIS, including the latest updates in immigration regulations.

Neermala often serves at the initial point of contact for family-based clients and overseeing the support for these cases. She is entrusted with the pivotal responsibility of the onboarding process for new employees, facilitating their seamless integration and success within the firm. Her duties extend to the production testing and providing end-user support during system implementations.

Neermala’s professional background encompasses diverse experiences, including work within government entities, non-profit organizations, political campaigns, and support within minority communities in various capacities.



  • Supporting Family/Marriage-Based Petitions
  • CRM Management
  • Client support
  • Content Marketing 
  • Software Performance Analysis