This is an image of Sabrina Saada, the senior editor at VisaNation.

Sabrina Saada

Senior Editor


Sabrina Saada is a seasoned editor and marketing strategist with close to 10 years of experience covering complex immigration subjects. She began writing about immigration-related topics in 2014 after graduating from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in multi-media journalism. As a first-generation American whose family immigrated from France in the early 80s, she identifies with the sacrifices and hardships many immigrants face when coming to the United States.

She currently lives in South Florida, a melting pot of cultural diversity, and is frequently reminded of the opportunities and freedoms this country affords. Through her writing, she hopes to help aspiring immigrants understand the steps necessary to navigate the legal processes so they too can live out their American Dream. Sabrina is a native speaker of English and French.



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